Our in-house Bid Team has experience operating on a range of sites including public sector, large utilities, rail, nuclear, and many more. By having Bid Writers and Bid Managers familiar with each service and site environment, we are able to provide the very best support for your PQQ or tender requirements.

Some of the most common requests for support with construction bid writing and tender services include:

  • Bid Responses - Professional responses for areas such as; subcontractors, quality, health and safety, business continuity, the environment, equality and diversity, plant and equipment, accreditations and certifications and training.
  • Technical Responses - Development of responses for mobilisation, roles and responsibilities, delivery approach, succession planning, programme integrity, milestones, payments and invoicing, contract training plans and handover information.
  • Development of MS Project Programme of Works - BWL Consulting develops fully logical linked programmes that illustrate to the client how the project or contract will be delivered. This adds confidence through both professionalism and demonstrable ability.
  • Contract/Project Structures - Many clients request organisational and contract specific structures that show the team responsible for delivering the required service, works or product. BWL Consulting produces bespoke structures to look clean, professional, and give the client confidence in the nominated team.
  • Compliant CVs - CVs for tenders are used as a means to demonstrate the competence of your staff. BWL develops branded templates that illustrate the information in compelling ways which achieve consistently high scores.
  • Tender Terms and Conditions - BWL Consulting is able to review your contract terms and provide a means of balancing the risk without any harm to your award success. This includes NEC3, MTC, JCT, RIBA, ICC, FIDIC and more.
  • Bid Review Service - Many clients require a tender review service from a member of the team familiar with the type of client and environment. BWL is able to offer a professional review with helpful advice, review notes and tracked amendments.

If you would like further information regarding our construction bid services, then please contact us and a member of our team will discuss your requirements in detail.

Meet the team...

Amanda Craven is Director of Professional Bid Services at BWL Consulting in Ireland.

She has a wealth of experience in writing, managing, reviewing and maximising the potential of bids and tenders for customers across a range of industries. She is happy to talk to you about your bid and tender queries, and offer advice and support over a free consultation.

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